We offer a unique opportunity for actors cast in police roles to undertake one to one coaching or group workshop sessions that detail police activity in any rank or role.

Cops on Film and TV one-to-one coaching and workshop sessions are innovative and unique. The modules encourage the participant to truly understand the rank and role they plan to undertake, drawing on real police experiences and incidents to enhance performance.

Dependant upon the needs of the individual or group, Cops on Film and TV will enhance their understanding of a particular rank, role or unit (CID, Uniform Team, Territorial Support Group, etc), utilising scene work and improvisation.

Our cast workshops encourage interaction by the attendees, enhancing their understanding and clarity of future roles. More importantly, these workshops allow for a greater number of cast members to benefit from the activity as a group prior to filming; this reduces cost and improves the performance. The cast will undertake team building and improvisation exercises to work as a group and enhance each individual's understanding of their particular role.

"I had the pleasure of working with Malcolm on U BE DEAD and we became friends; since then whenever I have played a copper I have gone to him for invaluable advice on the intricacies of police procedure. Given the fact that the rules and regulations of policing are changing all the time it's essential to have someone who knows all about modern policing first-hand to advise you. Also, I found it essential to have someone to highlight the differences between the 'official' lines of enquiry and the way coppers 'actually' go about their work."

-- David Morrissey, Actor (The Walking Dead, The Other Boleyn Girl, U BE DEAD)