"I couldn't have met two more helpful and experienced ex-professionals to assist me attempting to add that all-important believability to my work. Our conversation went well beyond the technical aspects but into the psychology of the character and to a wealth of detail that I was able to add into the work. They understand exactly how an actor needs to approach a police role, straddling the line between reality and performance. Their knowledge is second to none, but equal to that is their passion for the actor to make our portrayal as convincing and as representative as is possible. Spending time with them was a huge learning experience and thoroughly helped me get my characterisation to where I needed it to be. I cannot thank Malcolm and Paul enough for sharing their experiences with me and I hope I have the pleasure of their assistance and their company on future projects."

Daniel Ryan, Actor (Home Fires, The Bay, Mount Pleasant)

"I've recently had the pleasure of working with Malcolm as a technical advisor on the new ITV police drama Bancroft. Their practical knowledge and tactical experience proved invaluable and their ability to work with actors and realise what they need to build their characters was a great asset to the production. They understand the practicalities of filming and seamlessly integrate with the cast and crew to make things as easy as possible. Their positive attitude and ability to adapt and problem solve was crucial. They are a great addition to any production and I look forward to working with them again."

John Hayes, Director of ITV's Bancroft

"So many cop shows on TV fail to get the detail and the atmosphere right. Now there'll be no excuse! Because every writer and producer can lift the phone and ask for help from two senior detectives with a sense of fun and creativity to match their years of experience in criminal investigation."

Gwyneth Hughes, Writer of BBC's Remember Me, Five Days and U BE DEAD

"We were so lucky on Bancroft to have the expertise of Malcolm and his team from Cops on Film & TV. As an actor it's vital to find a flavour, a moment of truth or even just some vital facts about what happens logistically when portraying a police officer. Malcolm was always on hand for all of us and I'm so grateful. His advice was invaluable, succinct and detailed. He was just a brilliant presence to have around on set. Thank you so much."

Lee Boardman, Actor (Bancroft, Jack The Giant Slayer, London Boulevard)

"Cops on Film & TV have worked on a number of shows for Tall Story including The Bay and Bancroft.  Not only do they have a very ‘can do’ approach but they truly understand the balance between accuracy and dramatic storytelling. They are expert problem solvers, have great contacts and are fantastically good at creative thinking.  They have been much valued advisers to both cast and crew members. Added to which they are brilliantly good fun to work with."

Catherine Oldfield, Executive Producer, Tall Story Pictures

"I had the pleasure of working with Malcolm on U BE DEAD and we became friends; since then whenever I have played a copper I have gone to him for invaluable advice on the intricacies of police procedure. Given the fact that the rules and regulations of policing are changing all the time it's essential to have someone who knows all about modern policing first-hand to advise you. Also, I found it essential to have someone to highlight the differences between the 'official' lines of enquiry and the way coppers 'actually' go about their work."

David Morrissey, Actor (The Walking Dead, The Other Boleyn Girl, U BE DEAD)

"It was great to work with Malcolm and his team on Bancroft. They combine different specialisations and between them have great scope and understanding of all things police. Apart from getting the much needed detail right, Malcolm can appreciate that sometimes in television we have to take imaginative leaps - and he is more than happy to take that leap with you. Cops on Film and TV helped the production enormously, and I would have no hesitation in using their services again and recommending them to others."

Kate Brooke, Writer (Bancroft, Mr Selfridge)