"Tony Morgan acted as our technical advisor on preparation for the filming of the Channel 4 pilot drama, Babylon, and throughout the twenty days filming in 2013. He is also acting in the same capacity throughout the 3 month shooting of the 6 part series that follows in 2014.

His ability to quickly realise what actors playing cops didn't need to know as much as what they did, marks him out as the perfect advisor for the depiction of the police on film and television where police tactics and training are concerned. He realises budgets are restricted, time is limited but also how important key information is to help actors build their characters. He makes headway with minimum fuss helping actors manage detail in a scene and pick up general understanding of what it is to be a cop.

His dry sense of humour, photographic recall of situations arising from his 25 years in the police and his pride in public service are a bonus and make him an invaluable member of the Babylon team."

Danny Boyle, Director of Babylon

"It was an absolute pleasure working with Tony Morgan. His technical knowledge, contacts within the police force, and positive attitude, helped the production of Babylon run like clockwork. I had previously very little experience working with firearms, and indeed with the police force, and therefore Tony thankfully made my life so much easier. Tony also contributed to an extremely professional and fun atmosphere on set and I would have absolutely no hesitation recommending him. I genuinely look forward to having the opportunity of working with him again and hopefully in the not too distant future."

Jon S Baird, Director of Babylon

"I had the pleasure of working with Malcolm on U BE DEAD and we became friends; since then whenever I have played a copper I have gone to him for invaluable advice on the intricacies of police procedure. Given the fact that the rules and regulations of policing are changing all the time it's essential to have someone who knows all about modern policing first-hand to advise you. Also, I found it essential to have someone to highlight the differences between the 'official' lines of enquiry and the way coppers 'actually' go about their work."

David Morrissey, Actor (The Walking Dead, The Other Boleyn Girl, U BE DEAD)

"Tony's operational experience and knowledge of police procedure was a huge asset to our production of Babylon. His training sessions gave actors the confidence to inhabit their roles with authority and he was often on set to give crucial advice."

Robert Jones, Jonescompany Productions Ltd.

"I worked with Tony on Danny Boyle's Babylon. Tony's extensive knowledge of all things policing was an excellent advantage to both the cast and the crew. He is able to provide the Art Dept with the detail they want to get right and the actors with the 'real experiences' they are trying to create. His firearms training and specialist knowledge provide that extra dimension above and beyond normal policing experience.

I would recommend him to you as a valuable member of production."

Tony Hood, Location Manager

His wealth of experience means Tony has seen it all and was happy to share his knowledge in order to help us produce the most entertaining script possible. Tony's expertise meant that we could guide the writer to create really authentic dialogue for our police characters. He was incredibly generous with his time. Off his own back Tony provided photos and other materials as visual aids for the script team. We have action sequences which we believe benefitted hugely from Tony's input in that they reflect modern policing tactics and techniques. In short, Tony lent our scripts a credibility they otherwise wouldn't have had"

Daniel Gratton, Script Editor, Silent Witness (Season 19)

"So many cop shows on TV fail to get the detail and the atmosphere right. Now there'll be no excuse! Because every writer and producer can lift the phone and ask for help from two senior detectives with a sense of fun and creativity to match their years of experience in criminal investigation."

Gwyneth Hughes, Writer of BBC's Remember Me, Five Days and U BE DEAD