Policing in the UK has transformed quite significantly over the last thirty years. There are many factors that have led to this change which range from the Human Rights Act to the huge advances of forensic science. Our stories deliberate on these many advances, reflecting on Europe's criminality and the impact on policing in this country.

Decades of policing the capital and undertaking specialist roles have provided the inspiration and knowledge to offer unique and innovative storylines that are compelling and fascinating to the wider audience. We believe that our company has the ability to enhance storylines and scripts to offer established writers a greater understanding of the police community and give a greater insight into the activities that police officers undertake.

Company members have served within many police managerial ranks, leaving them with experiences and knowledge that ensure our stories include both the tactical management of policing and the many logistical issues now encountered in the modern police service.

Our narratives reflect real community needs in policing: the tensions, politics and media reporting. These issues are often integral to policing serious crime scenes and on-going investigations.

Some of the stories that have been written involved particularly...

"So many cop shows on TV fail to get the detail and the atmosphere right. Now there'll be no excuse! Because every writer and producer can lift the phone and ask for help from two senior detectives with a sense of fun and creativity to match their years of experience in criminal investigation."

-- Gwyneth Hughes, Writer of BBC's Remember Me, Five Days and U BE DEAD